Wonderful Salami

Ever wondered how to care for your salami? 


Heres a short guide on storage, mould and preparing your salumi.

Household storage

Storing your Salami at home is best done by wrapping your product in plastic wrap or freezer bag & placed in the veg crisper in the fridge. Ever enjoyed some beautiful Salami with friends then tried it a few days later to finds its very dry? This usually happens if stored in the main section of the fridge, here the humidity runs lower than in the veg crisper and drys out your Salami. 

Salami & Mould

Most traditional cured Salami should generate a wonderful mould on the outside of its casing. Why is the mould so good? The mould helps develop the overall aroma & complexity in addition to protecting your Salami. So a good covering of mould is a healthy sign of a good Salami.

Preparing your Salami

Its vitally important for the taste and texture of your Salami that you peel away the natural casing. If the Salami has been stored correctly the casing is easily removed. If the casing is hard and dry? Try wrapping in a moist towel to rehydrate the casing for easy removal. Finally, facing or removing the initial slice thats been exposed to the air is recommended. 



So whats the difference between Salumi & Salami?

Salumi refers to salt and dry cured meats wheres Salami (Salame) is a cured sausage made from pork.