Cheese Towers

Cheese Wedding Cakes known as Cheese Towers, are becoming more and more popular as a quirky alternative to the traditional cake or a chic twist on a typical desert or late night snack bar at Weddings or engagements. 

Here are all the facts about Cheese Towers if you are thinking this is your type of Wedding cake. 

1. Height and number of wheels  

The cheese tower can have as many or as little cheese wheels as you like. We do however always suggest a minimum of four so you can get the cheese tower effect. It starts with a big wheel of cheese and works its way up to smaller wheels. It is also a good idea to have some extras of the smaller wheels of cheese so each guest can get a taste of each. The higher your Cheese Tower the bigger the statement. 

2. Taste

Taste is obviously one of the most important factors when it comes to your Cheese Tower. You want people to be amazed by the cheese in your Wedding Cake. By having an expert help you with your Cheese Tower you can guarantee your guests will love the cheese. Sourcing from some of the Worlds best Cheese Mongers we ensure quality and amazing flavours with every cheese. 

3. Size and Colour

The very best cheese wedding cakes will look stunning, as well as taste amazing – and although it’s not all about the size, we choose your cheeses so that the layers go up in nice increments, with at least 2cm difference in diameter between each layer. We add a bit of colour to the cake for an extra-special effect ( using cheeses like Sparkenhoe red Leicester or Italian Gorgonzola), but this can also be done with fruit decorations too. 

4. Balancing Styles

A cheese wedding cake shouldn’t contain cheeses that all taste the same and have the same texture! This is why we are so careful in our choosing. We select a range of styles – at least a hard, a soft and a blue – but we also suggest what we call the wow factor cheeses - a goats’ cheese and a crumbly vintage cheddar, or a special cheese with either fruit or nuts in it. It’s worth noting that the harder cheeses will probably be the most popular so you’ll want the biggest quantity of those. 

5. Small can be Beautiful

For something quirky or different, you could create an individual smaller cheese wedding cake for each separate table. By using two or three small cheeses, for example Mini Camemberts topped with an individual goats’ cheese, you can create a cheese table cake your guests will love!

6. Serve your Cheese at Room Temperature

Cheese tastes so much better at room temperature – so make sure it’s out of the fridge a couple of hours before it’s cut – not too long though – you don’t want the Brie running down the aisle! It can then last out for 4-5 hours in the perfect cheese environment.

7. How much Cheese do you need?

70g-100g of cheese per person is ideal for a normal cheese plate serving. If it’s to constitute a main part of the meal – double that quantity. 

8. Serving your Cheese Wedding Cake

We suggest serving your Cheese Cake with an arrangement of fresh fruit, crackers and chutneys. We can hand select each condiment to go with your cheeses. Its such a wonderful way to finish your Wedding off. 

Quick hints and ideas: 

  • Why not serve your Wedding Cheese Cake at the start of the reception or evening
  • Mini Cheese Cakes are the perfect idea for table centrepieces
  • Have mini boxes for your guests to take home a goodie box of cheese at the end of the night 
  • Give your guests their own cheese knife as their special gift from your wedding, this way they can also use it at the wedding 
  • For an extra special touch, have suggestions of wines that go perfectly with the cheeses you have chosen.