Cheese & Meat Planks - Designing Your Board

When we say our Cheese and Meat Boards can be designed specifically for you, we mean it! 

No matter what your theme is or how many guests you have, we can cater to your needs. 

When designing your boards we think about every last detail, to ensure yours is the most unique and exquisite it could ever be for your event. 

We consider the style of the board itself - whether you are wanting a rustic themed Cheese and Meat Board on a piece of wood, or a more conservative and elegant style on a piece of white porcelain, we can get our hands on just about anything!

Next comes the types of cheeses and meats on your board. When we begin discussing your board with you, one of our first questions is if there are any preferences of cheese and meats that you do or don’t want on your board. Depending on that answer and number of people at your event, we usually opt for a selection of cheddar style cheeses, soft cheeses, blue cheeses and goats cheeses. Meats will include a selection of prosciutto and pancetta’s, salami’s, smoked salmon, wagyu bresaola - the list is endless!

No board is complete without a selection of delicious fillers to accompany your standout antipasto produce. These can range from organic quince paste’s, fruit chutneys and pâté to seasonal fruits and marinated vegetables. Of course everyone loves bread and crackers with cheese and we provide only the finest quality - organic artisan sourdoughs and Bacco’s leaves are some of our favourites!

Theming your board is definitely one of our favourite parts of our Cheese and Meat journey with you! Whether you are having a classic white tablecloth wedding or a rustic outdoor party, we will style your board to suit your theme perfectly - even down to the cheese knives!

We, at Cheese To Meat You, sometimes forget how lucky we are that this is our job! Creating beautiful Cheese and Meat Boards for our incredible clients is honestly a dream come true. We cant wait to create your next board for your special event and begin the food journey with you!